FitnessBootCamp4U has embraced the new age of fitness challenges that will get you noticeable results in just 4 weeks.

Our "NEW 2015" program focuses on rapid weight loss, toning up, getting lean muscle, core training, overall strengthening and body transformation. We have a diet meal plan that will blow your mind away in just two weeks!

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We offer: One-on-One personal training | Group of 2-3 training | In-home training | Fitness camps | Kids fun summer fitness camps | Athletic training | Online body transformation meal plan | Online workout program. Plus we offer 100% results guaranteed!


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Our FitnessBootCamp4U! program includes exercises such as:

Cardiovascular Exercise

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Military Style Training
  Basic Military Style Training
Strength Training
  Strength Training
Agility Drills
  Agility Drills
Ply-metric exercises
  Ply-Metric Exercises
Flexibility Training
  Flexibility Training
Balance Training
  Balance Training
Whole lot of abs
  Running, Jumping, Sit Ups, Pull Ups, Push Ups, and a whole lot of abs!

Join the greatest fitness transformation in the Houston area and expect results such as:
weight loss men

6-15 pounds weight loss for women

weight loss women
  15-25 pounds weight loss for men
midsection inch reduction
  3-5 inch loss in midsection
clothes size reduction
  2-4 sizes reduction in clothes
body fat reduction
  3-5% reduction in body fat
increase strength & endurance
  Increase in strength and in endurance
improve posture, increase energy
  Improve posture and increase energy
increase self confidence
  100% increase in self-confidence
better alleviation
  Better alleviation

      Benefits of FitnessBootCamp4U -
          • Nutritional education
          • Pre and post evaluations
          • Wellness of proper form
          • Healthy and tasty recipes
          • How to make healthy choices
          • Time of meals and snacks
          • Overall freedom, motivation and inspiration
          • Interact in an energizing, team environment
          • How to live fit for life!

Mike Before
325 lbs
(and w/breathing problems)

I weighted 325 lbs before I started my diet. I slept with a C-pap machine because I would stop breathing at night. After finding my grade school friends on Facebook, we all decided to put together a 35th reunion; that was in May of 2010. Then is when I decided to get back into shape. I changed my eating habits; I cut out the soda and fast foods.

I started to walk and then joined the YMCA where I saw Casey’s Fitness Boot camp program. I wanted to join it but knew I would not survive 3 minutes in the shape I was in. I hadn’t worked out in over 20 years. I started with Zumba to get my body used to moving again. Did that for a few months, and then moved on to a cycling and core classes for another few months to get my body use to exercising again.

Mike After
240 lbs
(52" waist to 40" waist)

I lost 60 lbs my own. Now you’d say that’s good, right? Well yes it was, but everything was sagging and there was no toning up. So I decided to join Casey’s FitnessBootCamp4U on February 1st. That first day, after just one hour, I sat on the bench in the Y and I could not move for an hour-in-a-half. Mind you, I worked out on my own for 7 months previously to get into shape for this camp.

I went home and soaked in the tub for 2 days with Advil becoming my best friend. I worked hard 3 days a week with Casey and went to the gym on the other 2 days. Casey taught me how to eat better by eating the right foods for losing weight and gaining energy. Casey is funny and firm, at the same time he has the patience of a saint, and cares about his clients by taking the time to explain things. Most of all he knows how to motivate you to push yourself. When you think you can’t go on he gives you the encouragement to do so without yelling and screaming.

Three months later (February to April), I lost 15 lbs and 11 inches over my body, (a total of 85Lbs); dropped from a 52” waist to a 40” waist. I toned up and have cuts in my arms that I NEVER had before. I increased my cardio, I feel better, I look better, I’m stronger, and don’t need my C-Pap machine to breath at night. It took me a year ~ to go from looking like this (on left), to this (on right). Unfortunately I’m moving and unable to continue with Casey. He has set the bar very high to find another instructer to replace him where I‘m going. If you want to get into shape and tone up Casey’s FitnessBootCamp4U is the way to go! Thanks Casey!!


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