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FitnessBootCamp4U has embraced the new age of fitness challenges that will get you noticeable results in just 4 weeks.

Our "NEW 2014" programs will focus on flexibility, endurance and balance training as well as core strengthening exercises that will help you get those "six pack" abs.

Check out our NEW "Weekend Family Fitness Boot Camp"!!

GET FIT - STAY FIT in 2014!

Be sure to check out our "Health News" page for some interesting health-related articles.

Fitness Boot Camp Instructor
Fitness Boot Camp Lead Instructor
Voted best fitness boot camp in the Houston area!

We work with YOU to help YOU attain your goals through proper nutritional guidance AND a healthy exercise regimen that will result in a life changing outcome for the better. Check out our recent PRESS RELEASE.


Just "one" of our Success Stories!

Mike Before
325 lbs
(and w/breathing problems)

Mike After
240 lbs
(52" waist to 40" waist)

Read about Mike's story and other Success Stores on our "Before & After / Testimonials" page.

YOU can become a SUCCESS story too!!


Our FitnessBootCamp4U! program includes exercises such as:

Cardiovascular Exercise

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Military Style Training
  Basic Military Style Training
Strength Training
  Strength Training
Agility Drills
  Agility Drills
Ply-metric exercises
  Ply-Metric Exercises
Flexibility Training
  Flexibility Training
Balance Training
  Balance Training
Whole lot of abs
  Running, Jumping, Sit Ups, Pull Ups, Push Ups, and a whole lot of abs!

Join the greatest fitness transformation in the Houston area and expect results such as:
weight loss men

6-15 pounds weight loss for women

weight loss women
  15-25 pounds weight loss for men
midsection inch reduction
  3-5 inch loss in midsection
clothes size reduction
  2-4 sizes reduction in clothes
body fat reduction
  3-5% reduction in body fat
increase strength & endurance
  Increase in strength and in endurance
improve posture, increase energy
  Improve posture and increase energy
increase self confidence
  100% increase in self-confidence
better alleviation
  Better alleviation

      Benefits of FitnessBootCamp4U -
          • Nutritional education
          • Pre and post evaluations
          • Wellness of proper form
          • Healthy and tasty recipes
          • How to make healthy choices
          • Time of meals and snacks
          • Overall freedom, motivation and inspiration
          • Interact in an energizing, team environment
          • How to live fit for life!

Looking for a fitness boot camp to come to you? Then you're in the right place!

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